To create an extraordinary meal, you need to start with an extraordinary base… Fresh, hot pasta, just drained and laced with a little butter… Could anything be more delicious? You really haven’t lived until you’ve eaten delicious, home-made pasta. It’s truly incomparable. Now with the Marcato Atlas Motor Pasta Maker, you can make your very own pasta just the way you like it, without any fuss! This ingenious invention is just like the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker that has become popular the world over, except with one important difference – it’s motorised! No more tirelessly winding the handles of that old pasta maker in order to make your pasta – just feed the dough through and the Atlas Motor does it all for you. It’s so easy to use that, in no time at all, you’ll have forgotten about supermarket pasta for good. From now on you’ll be wanting pasta for dinner every night! Features: •Made in Italy. •Made from solid chromed steel with carbon steel gearing and light alloy rollers. •Powerful 100 watt motor allows you to effortlessly roll fresh pasta. •Includes a turning handle for manual operation. •Non-slip rubber feet. •Adjustable thickness dial – choose from nine different thicknesses. •Comes with a clamp, so you can attach it you your kitchen bench. •Instructions and basic recipe for pasta included. •Attachment included for making narrow and wide pasta. •Easy to clean – just brush the rollers. Machine height: 16cm approx.